Children’s homes

Caring for children in Homes is essentially an attempt at giving the children a home environment where besides providing them with food and a roof over their head, they have the opportunity to redress the emotional damage they suffered consequent to starting life in abusive and or very dysfunctional families.

For women who are essentially nurturing and caring for the young, is a very fulfilling work. In the case of Religious and particularly those who belong to our Congregation, they find a day-to-day opportunity to live out our Incarnational spiritualty: Showing the love of the Father to these children.

The children learn to trust the Sisters who are there day and night responding to their needs, supervising their homework, making sure their clothes were clean and as much as possible in line with current fashions. But one of the most important tasks and that takes much energy and imagination is to help these children deconstruct their past so that they could grow free from it.

Working in a Children’s Home is both a privilege and a challenge but not an impossible task if both the children’s needs and those of their Carers are given serious consideration. This will ensure that the children are given the help they need to prepare them for their future life and the Sisters can do their work without jeopardising their physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.