God diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge throughout the world by human ministers.
He has given each person a ministry and thus has gifted each individual with abilities to serve others. In fact we are all called to minister to one another’s needs. Educators fulfil a specific role in the Church.

The process of education is a holy act and since the world we live in belongs to God, all teaching and learning is somehow related to Him. All we learn, understand and come to terms with is part of the process of God’s self-revelation to humanity, whether we are conscious of it or not. The Catholic school is for the human person and of the human person.

Every human being is at the heart of Christ’s teaching: that is why the school has at heart the promotion of each individual. Its members are called to form a caring community even to the point of being understood as a sign of God’s presence.

Educators are called to:

  • announce the Word of God to the children entrusted to their care,
  • to enlighten them by making His glory known.

God has entrusted them with such a ministry. In their role of educators may their continual effort be to look upon themselves as the ministers of God and the administrators of His mysteries.