The Province of England and Ireland comprises 45 Sisters who live in six communities, five of which are situated in the North of England and one in Ireland. Some of the Communities are located in socially deprived areas where the Sisters can directly help the poor and the marginalised. The Sisters are involved in Pastoral and Social Care in their local areas.

The Objective of the Province is:

To further the knowledge of God’s love for humanity through their lives and actions, working for the well-being of people, whether directly through their won involvement or indirectly, by financially supporting other charities.


  • Care for the sick and the elderly
  • Support and educate families in the faith
  • Prepare young people for the Sacraments
  • Animate Parish Communities, conduct Eucharistic Services
  • Pray with and for people
  • Collaborate with other Christian Churches on issues of Peace and Justice
  • Networking with other organisations.