The Province of Latin America is a Province,which is very much spread out, in the centre and in the south of America.

The Sisters are present in Guatemala in six Communities, and one Community in Panama,in Peru and in Argentina.

In spite of the distance, the Sisters live even more in communion among themselves and with a great sense of belonging to the Congregation.

This year two Sisters were sent to El Salvador for a mission experience.

Encouraging Realities:-

  • Closeness to the people, with their needs, their desires and their hopes, in the different places where the Sisters are, and the discovery among them of the Presence of God.
  • Community, which constitutes the Apostolic Body – with its diversity and the richness of the gifts of each Sister – which  builds up the apostolic body, which allows on-going formation, with the stimulation of the Province and the Congregation.
    The Sisters are committed seriously and courageously in their diverse apostolic services, animated by a great passion for the Kingdom of God.

Through the Works of Charity manifested by simple and concrete gestures, the Sisters in Guatemala endeavour to be a loving presence of the human and caring God who incarnates Himself in our world, even today.