The Province of India took charge of the mission of Haiti in April 2005. Due to continuous cyclones and flooding it was decided to shift the Centre to a slightly higher place.

The land was purchased in February 2009 and the construction of the building was done with the help of the different agencies, The mission runs in partnership with other agencies that fund the Centre. The mission is developed and had become a vast mission with many different activities  that help the different groups of people.

  • There is a free school for 700 children.
  • Nutrition Centre for under nourished mothers and babies
  • A kitchen that feeds some 800 people daily
  • an orthopaedic Centre with facilities for physio therapy
  • Sewing and embroidery Classes for women
  • Drinking water distribution centre for the entire zone
  • Sponsorship programme for children wishing to continue their studies and wanting to take up a profession
  • All these programmes are conducted with the help of project grants from different countries.

Inauguration of the St Joseph Centre Gonaives, Haiti 31st March 2012

Since the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Sisters have been  working very hard to construct a centre from where they can be of help to those in need. This was done thanks to the many benefactors that offered to help The building comprises:

  • The Sisters’ Convent
  • Orthopaedic Centre
  • Nutrition Centre
  • Wing for Voluntary Helpers