The Province of Myanmar is the largest Province of the Congregation and it is still growing fast! The Province has extended its mission to the Philippines and to Singapore. In Myanmar alone there are  33 communities including 18 sisters in Formation. Deprived of institutions, the option of the poor is a priority. The Sisters live like the poor, with the poor, for the people.

The work of Evangelization is carried out through

  • personal contacts,
  • home visits,
  • caring for orphaned children, located in 6 orphanages,
  • the care for the the sick and the elderly through their 7 dispensaries,
  • the Sisters run 4 HIV/AIDS Centres with a Sister who supervises  a Community Based Programme for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care.

Education is a mission very dear to the Sisters in Myanmar. The Sisters run some 20 boarding schools and 14 Nursery classes. They also give private lessons to students at different levels – youth, adults including Buddhist Monks

The mission in the Chin Hills is very difficult. The Sisters run clinics or dispensaries where doctors cannot be available. Sisters go to a city or town to buy medicines, to be given free of charge to the sick who are very poor. Few who can pay back in kind such as vegetables or eggs from their farm.


The Sisters depend entirely on Divine Providence. They follow in the footsteps of the Foundress, St Emilie,  who  had sent her sisters to the missions, saying:

Go and with what you have and will receive do all the good you can. St Emilie de Vialar

Young Sisters in Formation during a Biblical Session in Kalemyo and Yangon

Singapore – Malaysia

The Province of Myanmar extends its mission for Migrants in Singapore and Malaysia. The Sisters try to respond to the needs of migrants who arrive from different parts of Asia. Through the Migrant Mission in Singapore the Sisters support mainly the Myanmar migrants through:

  • Bible sharing
  • visitng people in their homes and in hospitals
  • distributing Holy Communion when needed
  • teaching Catechism,
  • leading prayer meetings
  • counselling especially to domestic workers.

Through the Migrant Mission in Malaysia, which is across the border from Singapore, the Sisters are working in three parishes which are quite distant from each other. They organise monthly Sunday Eucharist and regular gatherings in each parish for the people from Myanmar.