By 10 July 2019Chapter 2019

Dear Christina and Neli,


You were hidden in your narrow cabins with your headphones and microphone making sure not to miss any of our phrases be they short, long muffled or clear. You were a voice that gave us what our sister or brother wanted to transmit to us.


Thanks to you we could understand English, Spanish and French.


You did this with competence and promptly. Our ears never heard a bit of impatience or tiredness. Sometimes a tingle gently reminded us that we talked “too fast” “trop vite” “the mic”.


Thank you Neli and Christina for the service given with such competence and gentleness.


Thank you for your smile and worry that perhaps you expressed our thoughts wrongly. Thank you for your discreet and constant affability.


As lay people in this particular assembly that of a General Chapter, you have undoubtedly   discovered some parts of our religious life, some good and less good ones till now unknown to you. May this experience enrich you humanly and spiritually.


We now wish you well deserved happy holidays with your family and in your country Greece, which through you has fulfilled its tradition of sharing and cultural enrichment.


Rome 10 th July 2019                                                General Chapter SJA




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