By 27 July 2019Chapter 2019



God, invisible pilgrim of the human adventure, and secret presence in each one’s history, faithful companion on the roads we journey on, Yet often invisible!


Give us the necessary spirit to take up or to Start again the journey, to be able to risk believing that there is always one outcome to overcome the fear of getting lost to attempt, in spite of all hope, to cross the night!


Remind us incessantly of the essential truth:

The inner kingdom, the hidden treasure;

That can only be discovered… on the journey!


Having left for the unknown, answering an intimate call

He goes before us, patient and passionate

pilgrims of all times,

Filled with faith that will shake mountains,


We are on the journey today,

Help us to obey like them, to the Word

That spurs us on, simple words that truth enlightens

on the adventurous journey,

Further, Forward, deeper…….