The hostel for Students forms part of the building of the Provincial House which is situated in the centre of Jerusalem . This gives students easy access to their University or other Colleges, also for their daily personal needs.

The Hostel was opened in 1986 for the young Arab students coming from Galilee. Today the hostel accommodates 48 students, Christians, Moslems and Druses, all girls. There are 24 rooms with bathrooms, two kitchens and two recreation rooms.

The service is simply to provide safe accommodation which enables these students to complete their tertiary education. The parents feel secure to have their daughters lodging in our hostel.

Besides organisation and administration we care to build respect, love and unity among the students by loving them all and treating them equally. We are also attentive to the needs of these students and try to share in their joy, problems and worries.

Christian students have the possibility to participate in the Eucharist.