Our Spirit

The Spirituality of the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph centers on the contemplation of the love of the Father who sent His Son so that the world might have life. Jn3:11-17

This is closely allied to St Emilie’s special charism of Foundress, which can be summed up in a few words:

“To reveal God’s immense love for humanity, and to collaborate in the Mission for which Jesus Christ came on earth.”

Like that of her chosen patron, St Joseph, Emilie’s spirituality comprises prayer and action, not as two distinct and opposing realities, but as aspects of her rich and unified life. We can identify three facets of the inner fire which impelled Emilie in her vocation, and which underpins the spirituality she passed on to the Congregation:

  • Love of God through union with Him in prayer which is the soul of the Congregation
  • Love of others through apostolic service, especially to the most needy
  • Adventurous and universal love ready to cross all frontiers of territory, race, religion and language.