It was in 1995 that Chepo figured on the long list of foundations on the chart of the Congregation

‘founded for the glory of God and the good of humanity’

So it was that Panama was included with the countries that make up the Province of Latin America. The Parish became the pivot of all kinds of Pastoral, Social and Healthcare. To these must be added the special care for the Elderly.

The Sisters’ apostolate reaches out beyond physical needs, as many benefit by the spiritual help offered in the teaching of religion.

Urged by the desire to reveal the love of God, the Sisters soon went about within the parish of St Christopher, sewing seeds of the Gospel by word and by deed.

A new aspect in the field of Apostolate is the fact that the Sisters act as Promoters and Leaders. They entrust their responsibility
to capable and responsible lay persons who carry out the work of Evangelisation in various fields where the Gospel takes root and flourishes.

‘What we have seen and heard we announce to you’